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Dry Eye - Eyelid Spray by Optase

Dry Eye - Eyelid Spray by Optase


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Improve the appearance and health of your eyelids and eye lashes with Optase Eyelid Spray.  The spray is easy to use and gentle on your skin.   The spray uses a unique hypochlorous acid (HOCl) that kills germs and is great in use with other dry eye Optase products. 

How to Use:  

First wash your wands and make sure all makeup is removed. The spray will spread and cover the eyelids, eyelid margins and surrounding skin. Leave on to allow product to moisten the application site and to dry naturally.

Have questions? 

Contact our boutique and we are happy to assist you.  Our eye doctor specializes in dry eye treatment and other eye related issues.  Contact us at 470-729-2020 or by using our online form

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