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Gazal Eyewear

Cee Lo Green Sunglasses

Cee Lo Green Sunglasses

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Limited Production of 100 Pieces

CeeLo X Gazal Eyewear 

Gazal Eyewear was created to push the limits of eyewear design and innovation.  The collaboration with Artist CeeLo Green in a Limited-Edition frame of less than 100 of each color produced. 

Each frame is hand crafted with a proprietary acetate that is light weight and durable and at its center a titanium core, creating a well-balanced feel, unparalleled comfort and durability.  

Each individually numbered up to 100 pieces in the order of its creation per color and the available colorways. 



Eye: 58 mm

Bridge: 19 mm

Temple: 145



Ruby:  CeeLo has very close ties to his family and the Ruby color represents his bloodline.  The name "Ruby" was after his Grandmother Ruby Robinson and the color also represents a hint of firetruck red which honors his later mother, one of the first Africain American Firefighters in Atlanta. 


Starburst:  This color represents a inherit talent of CeeLo Green and his growth to fame, but more importantly how he shares that fame.  The definition of Starburst is "a pattern of lines or rays radiating from a central object or source of light".  This color is also inspired by Tibetan Quartz rocks which are high vibrational rocks that bring purification to the body.  


Anghory:  The "Anghory" color name comes from the Persian word Anghoor which is translated as purple.  This colorway speaks to the youth of Gazal from her birthplace in IRAN.   The only cartoon available to her in the country at that time was "The Great Grape Ape". The Ape's name, in Farsi, was "Anghory".  The Anghory color shows the similar childhood life experiences of CeeLo & Gazal.  Feathered temples and an electroplated titanium core showcase the spectrum of colors from Red all the way to Violet.  Life is colorful.  


Galaxy:  Our Galaxy is composed of stars that are bound together through gravitational force.  Our existence alone affects each other.  This custom-made acetate resembles a collection of stars and galaxies.  


Black as Night: As Day fades into night we find ourselves in a grey area called Life.  Life is not always black and white and this color represents the many difficult obstacles and life choices that we are faced with that will shape us into who we are.  

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